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Arrive home & Saved by the Blizzard

Alhamdulilllah. I made it home. I arrived in Hong Kong last night and waited forever for my bag. A bit of a worry as I thought it might have gone astray. Lodging a baggage irregularity report within my intended 2 hour flight connection time is an impossibility.

Fortunately my bag did turn up last. I swiftly went up to the departures level to check-in for my flight to Auckland ... I was told to wait for about 20 minutes (which is very good ... I'm very used to running to the plane about 40 minutes prior to departure with our standby tickets).

Then came the good news ... due to the severe blizzards in China, connecting passengers from there didn't make it to Hong Kong. Now I am well and truly homeward bound :-)

Unfortunately, as seen on the news ... thousands of migrant workers are trying to make it home from cities to the villages for Chinese New Year. They will not share my joy as their loss is my gain. I wish them good luck and good weather in the lead up to Chinese New Year ... and Kiong Hi Huat Chai / Kong Hee Fatt Choy / Gong Xi Fa Cai.

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Pay-toilet on my flight to Dubai!

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I flew to Dubai [Dubai-travel-guide-565786] today ... mixed emotions ... sad to leave Sanaa and Marie but happy to be on the way home. I have confirmed tickets from Sanaa to Hong Kong (with a night stop in Dubai).

I noticed on my Emirates flight that the sign on the aircraft toilet door said in Arabic "Idfaa" ... that means "Pay" (imperative or command form) ... also means "Push" (again imperative or command form). I like that ... I should have should put a box on the door for the silly ones, then collect the loot at the end of the flight.

From Hong Kong it is "subload" or standby using Kim's airline staff tickets. Due to summer in New Zealand and Chinese New Year coming up, flights to Auckland are full for weeks. I had brought forward my departure from Sanaa by about a week in anticipation of getting stuck in Hong Kong ... possibly beyond the validity of my three-month air ticket :-(

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Homeward Bound

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Flew to Sanaa [Sanaa-travel-guide-1314202] via Djibouti. It felt so good to be in Sanaa again ... it feels like a home away from home.


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large_5550_12019385549109.jpgIn Addis we stayed at the Ras Hotel. I wonder which room Nelson had.
We checked in for our flight from Bahir Dar [Bahir-Dar-travel-guide-948982] to Addis ... only to be told that the flight had been overbooked. A large group had checked in first so they were on ... leaving us and a number of locals in the lurch. We were rebooked onto a later flight in the early afternoon.

Even though I hadn't spoken much Arabic in Ethiopia, I suddenly blurted to Marie ... "Mumkin al-taera al-sabah hadith, wa kul al shaks mat!". That's my broken Arabic for "Maybe the morning plane will have an accident and everybody will die!"

Ethiopian Airlines shuttled us to our hotel by the lake and back ... we had a leisurely lunch and waited for our next flight. As we had no pressing engagement in Addis, there wasn't anything to get upset about. Free meal vouchers would have been nice but whatever.


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Blue Nile Falls

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large_5550_12019382375998.jpgBlue Nile Falls.
We made an outing to the Blue Nile falls today at Tis Abay. I was prepared to be disappointed as the river had been dammed ... and it is also the dry season. While not of the proportions of the great waterfalls of the world, it was still impressive.

Unfortunately, we were very badly pestered by children selling their wares ... mainly scarves. I pride myself in having that disinterested look when it comes to shopping ... so it was a surprise that I should have been so bothered by them ... really unusual. To make it worse, there were other people making a nuisance of themselves, eg. trying to organise your return transport to Bahir Dar [Bahir-Dar-travel-guide-948982] by telling you to expect problems getting on the buses as it was a market day. Bollocks. I somewhat intentionally lost my cool for a change in order to get rid of them


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