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Strange introduction to Guilin

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Kim and I spent the morning in Hong Kong looking for his model car shops. Nothing opens till about 11 am so it was fruitless. After a nice buffet lunch at his hotel, I made my way to the aiport for my 1 hour plus flight to Guilin [Guilin-travel-guide-219518].

I must say Dragonair (a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific) was most impressive. The crew had great character and personality ... not very often you see people so obviously enjoying what they do and taking pride in it ... I don't think they were faking it.

The flight came to a very weird end when they announced that it was a government regulation that they had to collect in all newspaper. I didn't quite trust my ears so I asked one of the crew ... she said "Only Guilin and some other ports, not all of China". They came through the cabin a few times with a large rubbish bag to ensure that no foreign propaganda would be taken into the country!

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Eating with friends

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large_5550_11952899486758.jpgKim, me, Ros and Mary.
Our flight arrived into Hong Kong slightly after 6 am and it was about 8 am by the time we go to the Novotel in Wanchai. Showered and slept till 11 am when I rang Rosalind, a friend from school for our catch-up arrangements.

Rosalind and another school friend, Mary turned up and we walked a few steps down the road to a Sichuan restaurant situated in somebody's home. Great food ... see separate review but the conversation were interesting ... they are both aircrew or former aircrew and there were lots of stories being exchanged around the table with Kim and myself, eg:

* we hardly ever have to buy soap and shampoo
* the Japanese hotels have the best shampoo
* Kiwi aircrew buy their bathroom fittings in Hong Kong while Hong Kong crew buy theirs in Frankfurt!
* there are stories of crew whose home carpets have been "sponsored" by hotels ... cut from under the bed. Urban myth maybe.

After lunch, Mary's driver took us to the mall ... a bit of window shopping for us but for the girls it was the usual handbags and shoes.

Kim and I then patronised the massage-reflexology centre near the hotel. It was about EUR7 per 45 minute session .... ilhamdulillah (Praise God) for mainland Chinese workers. My neck and back was so stiff the little Sichuanese lady resorted to walking on it and digging her heels into my sore muscles ... even with her hands and fingers it was sore. I had to grab the massage table and clench my teeth a few times and I have a very high threshold to pain when it comes to massages.


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